The Kingdom 2023: What happened at the Meet & Greets?

The Kingdom 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham
The Kingdom 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham /

Every Sanak City event has the chance to buy Meet & Greets with the cast members. What happened at these moments at The Kingdom 2023?

If you’re looking through the list of things that you can do at a Sasnak City event, you’ll see Meet & Greets on the list. There is a Meet & Greet for every cast member that is at the event, regardless of show or fandom.

Of course, before you get tickets for these events, you’ll want to know more about what happens. We’re taking a look at The Kingdom 2023 to see what happened during the nine Meet & Greets that took place throughout the weekend.

A cozy chance to meet the cast at The Kingdom 2023

In the lead-up to the event, there’s a chance to get a ticket for a Meet & Greet or two. Sometimes, there is a chance to get one during the event, but that doesn’t happen often. You’re not limited on the number of Meet & Greets that you can attend, but if there are more people wanting to go than tickets, then you may miss out.

Only 12 attendees can be at these events. There are no phones allowed at all for the first 30 minutes of it. This is just a chance to talk to whichever cast member you’re doing this with. Ask the questions you’ve been burning to ask. Chat in a way that you never thought you would.

Of course, there are certain topics off-limits. There are the usual personal and inappropriate questions not to ask, and this year also had some extra rules due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, but there was still plenty to talk about. For example, with James, it would have been a great chance to talk about his photography and how that is growing as a passion since The Last Kingdom.

After the 30 minutes, there is time for selfies. This is when you are allowed your phones, and then you get a couple of choices. You can take the selfie yourself, or you can ask the cast member to do it—some of them have long arms to take great selfies. There is also the option to ask the team member who is the handler for the cast member to take the photo for you. Not quite a selfie, but it works.

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