The Kingdom 2023: What to expect at Day 2 of the event

Sasnak City: The Kingdom 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham
Sasnak City: The Kingdom 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham /

Day 2 of The Kingdom 2023 was the longest one of the lot. It is also where a lot happens, regardless of the tier that you have.

While Bebbanburg and Wessex tier holders got a lot of their stuff done on the first day of the event, there was still a lot going on during Day 2. This was the day for other tiers to get their photo ops and autographs that were included in their tier as well as their purchased ones. Those who were Bebbanburg and Wessex didn’t need to worry if they missed something. There was time for a catch-up.

The day was also a big one for Meet & Greets, pop-up panels, and so much more. During The Kingdom 2023, Cavan did have to leave early unexpectedly, but the team made sure everyone who had something with him got what they had paid for. That is the great thing about the team at Sasnak City.

Photos, autos, and so much more

The day was an early one for anyone other than Bebbanburg and Wessex tier holders. They were the ones asked to come in at opening time to get their photos and autographs with the cast members. Well, it started with photos.

The autographs took longer. After all, the actors can’t be in two places at once. They also had to work around their Meet & Greets as well as other contractual obligations while at The Kingdom.

There was plenty of time for everything throughout the day, though. There was a focus on getting through everything with Cavan first. This included the awesome Polariad photos that James Northcote took of cast members and attendees who paid for them. And boy, as those Polaroid photos bringing back some memories!

This was the first day where lunch was provided. Saturday’s lunch for Bebbanburg was in the VIP Room, and there was the opportunity to chat to some of the cast members. Half of the cast was there for Saturday’s lunch and the other half was for Sunday’s lunch.

Meet & Greets with Eliza, Cavan, and Rod happened in the afternoon. Arnas’s Meet & Greet was in the morning. These are cozy moments with the cast members as there’s a maximum of 12 people in the room.

Flame Bearer Desserts and Lords of the North

There were two events at the end of the night. Everyone had to be out of the World War I Museum at 4:30 p.m. after the all-cast panel. Then the Wessex tier members could return for 6 p.m. for the Flame Bearer Desserts. This is another chance to chat to cast members and get some selfies in. It is very similar to the Friday War Lord event for Bebbanburg but with desserts and no open bar.

After that, Wessex tier holders and those who bought tickets were able to go to the Lords of the North event. This is a round-robin event, a bit like speed dating. The cast members rotate around tables. No photos are allowed to be taken in this event. There is no chance for selfies, and it’s a chance to get to know the cast instead.

Of course, there’s the Saturday night party. This happens at the same time as Lords of the North. Everyone gets the chance to join the party after the round-robin event. It’s not a late night, though, with everything wrapping up at 10 p.m. this year.

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