Is The Couple Next Door based on a book?

The Couple Next Door -- Courtesy of Channel 4 / Sofie Gheysens
The Couple Next Door -- Courtesy of Channel 4 / Sofie Gheysens /

The Couple Next Door is a psychological thriller coming to STARZ in 2024. Is this new series based on a book? Is it based on other source material?

There is no doubt that Outlander fans are ready for The Couple Next Door. The series stars Sam Heughan, so of course Jamie Fraser fans are showing up. We know that it will arrive sometime in 2024, which gives us time to learn as much as we can about it.

As you do a search for the title, you’ll notice that there are a couple of books with the same name. These books are by different authors, but they are in the psychological thriller or mystery genre. With the show promoted as a psychological thriller, it’s natural to wonder if this is another series based on a book.

The Couple Next Door source material

The Couple Next Door is not based on one of the books that is out there. You’re safe to read them if you want to without spoiling the Sam Heughan series.

This isn’t fully original, though. The series is based on another show. It is based on the Dutch series New Neighbours. In New Neighbours, a newly pregnant couple moves into a house on the outskirts of Amsterdam. They move in next door to an inspector and his fitness instructor wife.

Everything should be fun as they start their new journey. Things take a dark turn that leads to a fatal situation that changes everything.

In the British series, Evie and Pete don’t seem to be pregnant. That’s not the way the show has promoted itself. It could have that storyline, though. There is a lot of curtain twitching, though, and there is an event that shakes up the lives of everyone on the street.

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The Couple Next Door is coming to STARZ in 2024.