Is Jamie time traveling in his dreams in Outlander?

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

It looks like Outlander may be one step closer to explaining Jamie’s ghost. Is he able to travel through time in his dreams?

Since the beginning of Outlander, there have been questions about Jamie’s ghost. How was it there looking up at Claire in the 1940s? Then in Season 4, Jamie told Claire about a dream of Brianna that he had. This was a daughter he never met, but he was able to describe her (and her toy rabbit!).

Now we’ve had two instances of Jamie dreaming about the future in Season 7. The first was about Claire being surrounded by electric light. Claire questioned how he could know electric light without seeing it before, but he could tell from the glow. He worked out what he had to be looking at.

Now he’s had another moment where his dreams seem to suggest that he’s time traveling while he’s asleep. There was too much mentioned this time that seems like it was just a dream.

Jamie dreams of the MacKenzies in Outlander

At first, the dream certainly suggests that it could just be a figment of Jamie’s imagination. He shared that he saw Bree and the children walking up to a door and a woman answered. This could have been just him imagining his daughter and grandchildren safe in the future.

Then things change. He is able to describe Jemmy on a phone, and he mentions that the woman was called Fiona. He wouldn’t know of a Fiona. There would have been little reason for Roger or Bree to bring her up to Jamie. He’d never even heard of them mentioning a telephone, so how would he even know what to look for in his dreams?

All of this suggests that he is time-traveling in some way. It could be astral projection, where his soul is leaving his body and crossing through time. There are a lot of theories and stories of this happening, and it would make sense with everything he’s been able to see in the past. His connection to Bree and Jemmy could be so strong that he is constantly taken to them wherever he is.

There’s also a chance that the times he’s died (or been close to death), he’s astral projected then. His soul has seen things, and now that soul is reminding him of things through his dreams. These dreams are certainly more than what they seem, though, and we could be one step closer to finding out how Jamie’s ghost was in 1945.

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