Outlander: Blood of My Blood is not coming to STARZ in July 2023

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

We are more than ready to see the Outlander prequel series. When will Outlander: Blood of My Blood come to STARZ if it’s not happening this month?

As much as we would love to see the new series, we just knew that July 2023 was an unrealistic premiere date. Despite the series being announced last year, it was always going to take time to produce it.

So, it’s not that surprising not to see it on the list of July releases. The good news is we don’t need it just yet. Outlander Season 7 will air throughout July. Then in August, we get to see the second season of Men in Kilts. Those episodes are likely to run into September, so we’re not worried too much about Droughtlander for a bit.

When will Outlander: Blood of My Blood come to STARZ?

It’s not going to get us through the next stage of Droughtlander, though. Outlander: Blood of My Blood hasn’t started production just yet. There are signs that production could start soon. There was recently a leaked image online of the production stage showing directions for Season 8 and the prequel, which is shortened to “BOB.”

This is a show that could be affected by the writers strike. It’s not clear just how many of the scripts were written before the strike started, so there may not be the content to produce just yet. However, it looks like STARZ wants to bring out the prequel as soon as possible if production is set to start soon. This could mean a 2025 planned release based on how long it takes to get through production and post-production for a series like this. Of course, it does depend on the writers strike and then if the actors go on strike or not. While the series isn’t a SAG one, AFTRA actors could also go on strike and there may be some involved in that union.

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Outlander: Blood of My Blood is coming to STARZ at some point. Stay tuned for the latest news.