Is Outlander Season 8 impacted by the writers strike?

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The WGA writers strike continues, but will it affect Outlander in any way? Outlander Season 7B is probably fine, but what about Outlander Season 8?

The writers strike continues. This isn’t a post about who to blame for delays in production (although, I stand with the writers). It’s more about whether Outlander will be affected in any sort of way.

It’s highly unlikely that Outlander Season 7B will be affected. The production was already complete before the writers strike started. The season will now be in post-production, which likely won’t be affected in any way.

What about Outlander Season 8, though? Could that series end up affected by the writers strike?

Will Outlander Season 8 writing be put on hold?

There is some bad news. It does look like this series is going to be affected by the writers strike. While it is currently in its usual production hiatus, this is when writing of the next season will happen. All writers on the show, except for Diana Gabaldon, are part of the WGA.

Couldn’t Gabaldon write all the episodes, then? Well, sure, she’s not unionized so she’s allowed, but she wouldn’t do that. First of all, that’s 10 episodes she’d have to write while also working on the books. Second of all, there are a lot of people within the production world who look down on those who take jobs from unionized writers while they’re striking.

Non-union writers who take on the jobs are known as “scabs.” We saw some step in during the 2008–2009 writers strike, and the WGA has since pretty much barred them from joining the union, which limits their options when it comes to work in the industry.

It’s unclear how long this strike will go on. The last one was 100 days and the longest was around 150 days. We’re looking at this one potentially breaking the record, which could mean the writers don’t get back to work until the fall, which could have a big impact on when Outlander Season 8 production can start, lengthening this last Droughtlander.

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