Will Jamie kill [Spoiler] in Outlander Season 7?

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The Outlander Season 7 premiere has left us with a cliffhanger. It looks like Jamie is about to kill someone in cold blood. Will he do it?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from the Outlander Season 7 premiere.

Outlander Season 7’s premiere has certainly left us on the edge of our seats. After getting Claire back, Jamie decided to pay a certain man a visit. He realized that Richard Brown’s horse was in town, which means Richard is still in Wilmington.

Of course, Richard thought he had the upper hand. He has enough family to take on Jamie and his kin. Except Jamie is already one step ahead. Jamie has the support of the Cherokee in the area, and he made it clear that the Cherokee and Young Ian are already dealing with Richard’s family.

Will Jamie kill Richard in Outlander Season 7?

We were left with Jamie closing in on Richard in the room. We don’t get to see if that death is going to happen or not.

Technically, this is in revenge. Richard isn’t an immediate threat to Jamie’s life, but he is somewhat of a threat. Richard had made it clear that he will do what it takes to get revenge for Lionel’s death, and Jamie isn’t exactly going to put his family at his mercy again. We know Jamie is a violent man. He’s said this in the past, and he has killed people to protect himself and his family in the past. So, it does suggest that he will kill in this instance.

We can’t use the books for spoilers in this instance. I don’t remember anything about Jamie killing Richard in the books, and it wasn’t that long ago that I re-read A Breath of Snow and Ashes. However, Richard doesn’t show up again in the books.

It would make sense for Jamie to take Richard’s life. And then hide it from Claire for as long as possible.

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