Did Tom Christie tell Claire the truth in the Outlander Season 7 premiere?

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Tom Christie found a way to save Claire from the gallows, but it came at a price. Was that story the full truth in the Outlander Season 7 premiere?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from the Outlander Season 7 premiere.

Jamie tried, but he couldn’t get Governor Martin to free his wife. Tom Christie managed to find a way, though. After drinking a bit of whiskey, he shared the plan with Jamie. He even asked Jamie for what he would say about him at a funeral if there was one.

Then, Tom went to the ship and confessed to the murder of Malva Christie. He had it written down and sworn to and then shared the story with Claire. Was it the truth, though? Did Tom actually kill his daughter?

Some of Tom’s story was the truth in Outlander

There were a couple of bits to the story that were definitely the truth. The first was Malva not being his daughter. She was his niece.

After Tom was imprisoned, his wife and son went to live with his brother. His wife and brother were together and Malva was conceived. Tom didn’t blame his brother, though, saying that his wife was a witch and seduced him. He also claimed that Malva was a witch—and confirmed he doesn’t believe Claire is a witch.

Then he told Claire that Malva was the one who tried to kill her. Tom had found the bones of the Sin Eater in Malva’s bag, and so he got the confession out of her. Claire had already said that she and Tom had the same illness but something different to everyone else. Well, Malva had tried to poison and kill them.

Did Tom kill Malva in Outlander?

The question is whether the confession was true. It’s not something either Claire or Jamie really believe. If Tom really did it, why did he wait until this moment to save Claire? It’s not like she was actually in any danger of the gallows at this point.

We’ll find out the truth soon. Just know that Tom is in love with Claire. That part of his confession was true, too, and even Jamie realizes that. Tom did what he did to save Claire, and that’s all there is to it.

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