When will The Winter King Season 1 premiere? (Where to stream The Winter King)

The Winter King is going to be a must for the next Droughtlander. When will the series premiere, and which streaming platform do you need?

You may have heard a little about The Winter KingOutlander‘s Andrew Gower will be in the series, and it filmed last year in Wales and the West Country. It’s almost time to see the 10-episode first season.

This series is all about Arthur Pendragon. What you think you know about the legend should be forgotten. It’s based on the books by Bernard Cornwell, and he has a slightly more realistic version of Arthur based on the lore.

If you’re in the UK, it will air on ITVX. We don’t get that in North America, leading to fans wanting to know when and where it will arrive. There is some good news for the premiere date, as it will give us something to get through the next Droughtlander. It could be bad news when it comes to yet another streaming platform.

The Winter King Season 1 premiere date

The first season will premiere on Sunday, Aug. 20. This is going to be around when the first eight episodes of Outlander Season 7 finish airing. We’re looking at the eighth episode to air on either Friday, Aug. 4 or Friday, Aug. 11 depending on whether STARZ opts for a one-week break partway through it as usual or not.

There are 10 episodes to The Winter King and the series will air weekly. Now you just need to know where.

The episodes will air on MGM+. This is a premium cable network similar to STARZ. There is a linear channel, with episodes airing at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Sundays. There is also a streaming platform, where all episodes will be made available. You can get MGM+ via Amazon Channels like you can with STARZ so you can keep everything contained in one place.

The Winter King premieres Sunday, Aug. 20 on MGM+.