Is Love Again on Peacock?

Sony Pictures and Screen Gems movie Love Again in theaters May 5, 2023.
Sony Pictures and Screen Gems movie Love Again in theaters May 5, 2023. /

Love Again is out in theaters right now, but you’ll also want to watch it at home. Will the Sam Heughan movie come to Peacock?

The time has come to see another Sam Heughan movie. This time, he’s playing a role he does well: the romantic love interest. Okay, Jamie Fraser is more than a romantic love interest in Outlander, but that’s part of his role. We know Heughan does romance well.

If you haven’t checked out the movie in theaters just yet, you’ll want to head there now. The movie follows Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s Mina, who texts the number of her late fiance in a way to keep him in her heart. She isn’t ready to move on, but her friends encourage her to get out on a few dates.

It turns out that Heughan’s Rob Burns has the number. He’s the one receiving all the text messages, and when he ends up on a date with her, he knows exactly who she is and how she thinks. This gives him an advantage, but how will she react when she learns he’s been reading her private messages to her dead fiance?

Where to stream Love Again online

You’ll want to see the movie again at home. The big question for many is which streaming platform it will go to. Will we get Love Again on Peacock?

This is where we have some bad news. This is not a movie that will head to the NBCUniversal platform. At least, not right away. As a Sony movie, it will head to Netflix first. This is likely to be within the next six to eight months.

It’s not always going to remain on Netflix, though. Eventually, it will head to another streaming platform, and that could be Peacock.

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Love Again is currently out in theaters.