Outlander: Blood of My Blood is not coming to STARZ in May 2023

Outlander -- Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television
Outlander -- Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television /

One thing we do know is that Outlander: Blood of My Blood is officially happening. Now we just need to know when we can expect it on STARZ.

We do have to start this post with some (admittedly unexpected) bad news. Despite the Outlander prequel being in the works, we won’t get to watch it just yet. It is not on the list of May 2023 releases on STARZ.

As mentioned, this isn’t all that unexpected. After all, the green light on the series has happened in the midst of work on Outlander Season 7. The main series is going to take precedence. Fans want to see how Claire and Jamie’s story will come to an end, even though we don’t necessarily want it to actually come to an end.

When will Outlander: Blood of My Blood come to STARZ?

There is no sign that work as even started on the Outlander prequel. As well as greenlighting the prequel series, STARZ has also confirmed that Outlander Season 8 is happening. This 10-episode season will be the last, and we could see it arrive as early as 2025. That’s what we’re counting on since Season 7 is split in two parts with one half airing in 2023 and the other half airing in 2024.

This could push the prequel back to 2026. Nothing has even been mentioned about a timeline just yet.

Outlander: Blood of My Blood is unlikely to include any of the current characters. Maybe there is a slim chance we’ll see the likes of Graham McTavish and Gary Lewis back, but this prequel is focused on younger versions of their characters. It’s pre-Jamie, set at a time when Brian and Ellen are just falling in love with each other. This would suggest younger actors will be cast in the roles.

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Outlander: Blood of My Blood will arrive on STARZ. Stay tuned for the latest updates about the prequel series.