Outlander prequel: Will Gary Lewis be in Blood of My Blood?

Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

An Outlander prequel about Jamie’s parents is happening. Will Gary Lewis return as Colum MacKenzie in Blood of My Blood?

STARZ has officially picked up the Outlander prequel Blood of My Blood. It will focus on Jamie’s parents, Brian and Ellen MacKenzie. This does mean Sam Heughan won’t be in the series, but it does mean a few other characters from the first two seasons of Outlander could return.

One of those we could see is Colum MacKenzie. Does this mean Gary Lewis will reprise his role?

Could Colum be in the Outlander prequel?

We know the prequel is going to be about Jamie’s parents. That story involves one of love and marriage. Ellen’s brothers wanted her to marry one of the Grants to solve clan disputes, but she didn’t want that. She wanted to marry for love, and she fell in love with the illegitimate son of Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat, Brian Fraser.

Ellen and Brian ran away. Colum, who was the chief of Clan MacKenzie at the time, wasn’t happy about it. Ellen didn’t come back to her family until she was heavily pregnant so her marriage to Brian couldn’t be annulled, and nothing could happen to Brian by her brothers.

This does suggest that Colum could be in the story. Would it be Gary Lewis in the series, though?

Could Gary Lewis be in Blood of My Blood?

It could be difficult although not impossible for Gary Lewis to reprise his role. Age is a factor in this. As a prequel series set before Jamie Fraser was born (or when he was just a kid), it would mean a much younger Colum than we saw.

We have seen the series make older actors look younger. Graham McTavish appeared in Outlander Season 5 as Buck MacKenzie, a much younger man than Dougal MacKenzie. This could suggest we see the original characters reprise their roles for their younger counterparts.

It would all depend on scheduling for this. The series may also decide to work with younger actors for the prequel series depending on just how young the characters are.

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