Why is Outlander moving to Fridays for Season 7?

Outlander season 7. Image courtesy Robert Wilson. © 2022 Starz Entertainment, LLC
Outlander season 7. Image courtesy Robert Wilson. © 2022 Starz Entertainment, LLC /

Outlander is on the move for Season 7. Instead of airing on Sundays, it will air on Friday nights. Why is this, and is it a concerning sign for the series?

When we see a show change nights, it is a concerning sign. That’s especially when we see a series move to a Friday night. This has been known as the “death slot” for most networks, with only a handful of shows thriving.

Why would STARZ move one of its top shows to a Friday night? Is this a concerning sign for the series?

Well, the good news is that we already know an eighth season is happening. Outlander Season 8 will be the last, and we’re now expecting it probably in 2025. After all, Season 7 is being split in two with the second half arriving in 2024.

Is STARZ being strategic with Outlander moving to Fridays?

It is possible that STARZ is attempting to boost its original programming slate. A move to Fridays could be strategic to see if it could work out for the network. After all, it doesn’t just have to rely on the linear airing of a show. It’s all about the app.

By airing a show on Fridays, fans have the full weekend to check it out. The network has already seen that people are willing to stay up until midnight ET on Sundays to check out new episodes. Why not make episodes available throughout the weekend instead?

It makes sense to do this with one of the biggest shows on the network. STARZ will get a chance to see if people are willing to tune in at midnight on Fridays. It will see what the uptake is like throughout the weekend. This could help to expand the list of original programming on the network.

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