Blood of My Blood is not coming in January 2023

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

We’re more than ready for the Outlander prequel, Blood of My Blood. There is some bad news, though. There’s no sign of it premiering just yet.

Let’s start this post with a lot of honesty. We never expected to see Outlander: Blood of My Blood this month. That didn’t stop us from looking out for any updates for it, but there was no way the premiere was going to be on the list of shows on STARZ in January.

The series hasn’t even started production yet. The focus for Matt B. Roberts and team has been Outlander Season 7, which is still filming in Scotland and England. Filming for that is expected to run into early this year, with Sam Heughan saying February or March. We know the season will premiere sometime in the summer.

When will Blood of My Blood come to STARZ?

So, what about the Outlander prequel series? There is no word on that just yet. We’re not expecting production to start until sometime this year. While it is in development right now, there is always a chance that it will fall through the cracks. It all depends on financial needs of the series and of STARZ. We’ve seen plenty of shows get picked up and then canceled in the past.

While at Sasnak City: The Gathering 2022, Andrew Whipp was asked about the prequel. Would he reprise the role of Brian Fraser considering he’s coming back for Outlander Season 7? That’s unlikely. The prequel is set years before Outlander. He wasn’t even initially going to be in the seventh season because of how early in Brian’s timeline Season 7 is set.

The show is likely to hire a new actor for Brian Fraser for the prequel. That will likely mean Dougal, Colum, Murtagh, and others will be played by new actors, too.

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Blood of My Blood is in development and will come to STARZ.