Blood of My Blood is not coming in December 2022

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

While we would love to surprise you with a Blood of My Blood premiere date, that’s not the case. When could we expect to see the prequel series?

Back in August, STARZ greenlit the Outlander prequel. It got the title Blood of My Blood, and the reports did say Diana Gabaldon was involved. She later shared that she hadn’t been asked, so it looks like STARZ jumped the gun on that. However, the prequel series is in the works.

The bad news is we don’t get to see it just yet. It is not on the list of December releases on STARZ, and we never expected that to be the case, did we? After all, filming hasn’t even started on the show.

When will Blood of My Blood come to STARZ?

Right now, the focus is on Outlander Season 7. Matt B. Roberts and Maril Davis are working on the prequel series as well as the main series. I get the feeling that Roberts wants to wrap filming on the main series before working on prequel production. That doesn’t mean some of the pre-production work isn’t happening, such as the writing.

I wouldn’t expect to see the prequel happen in 2023. That’s the year we’re supposed to get Season 7. If STARZ is smart, it will renew the OG series for Season 8 and then use Blood of My Blood as the bridge between Seasons 7 and 8. That could allow Blood of My Blood to come out in 2024 and Outlander Season 8 to come out in 2025.

That would just be the way I’d do it if I was running the joint. Considering how long production and post-production takes on shows like Outlander, having something to bridge the Droughtlander gap makes a lot of sense. Filming for the prequel could start next year.

We’ll keep an eye on updates about the prequel series. So far, there’s been nothing since the announcement in August.

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