For All Mankind Season 4 is not coming in October 2022

Jodi Balfour in “For All Mankind,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
Jodi Balfour in “For All Mankind,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

For All Mankind is one of the shows we keep an eye on to get us through Droughtlander. When will For All Mankind Season 4 premiere?

As we get through Droughtlander, we turn to a few shows to help us. For All Mankind is one of them as Outlander‘s first showrunner, Ron D. Moore, is heavily involved in the project. In fact, this was his baby as a fan of space history.

We’re waiting for the fourth season to premiere, but that wait continues. It is not on the list of new shows arriving on Apple TV+ in October. Just when will we get to see the next part of the alternate history series?

When will For All Mankind Season 4 premiere on Apple TV+?

There isn’t a premiere date just yet. That’s not surprising considering the season is still in production. Apple won’t confirm a release date until production is complete and we’re much closer to the premiere date.

For now, we just have estimations to work from. We can look at how long it took for previous seasons to come out, and this is a series that has been pretty consistent. It takes about 15 months between seasons, so we’re looking at around September 2023 for Season 4. It does mean it won’t get us through any more of this Droughtlander, but it could help with the next.

There is some casting news, though. Variety reports that Daniel Stern is joining the cast this season. He’ll play Eli Hobson, the new NASA administrator. He used to work as a former CEO in the auto industry, and now he’ll join NASA to bring it into the 21st century. Yes, the show is moving into the 2000s for the new season. This is far bigger than he thought it would be.

With it moving into the 21st century, I have one question. Will we see fears of the Millennium Bug and how it could affect NASA?

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For All Mankind is available to stream on Apple TV+.