Ron D. Moore has another book-to-screen adaptation coming: A Court of Thorns and Roses

If there’s one person who can do book-to-screen adaptations, it’s Ronald D. Moore. We’re certainly excited about A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Almost every Outlander fan you talk to will tell you that the first season is the best. To be honest, I think the first season of 99% of TV shows is the best. This is where it all starts, where we get to know the characters.

I’ll admit that Season 5 is certainly up there as one of my favorite seasons of Outlander. It’s possibly close to the first season. But for the book-first fans, it’s all about that first season—it’s the one that’s the closest to the original story by Diana Gabaldon. And it’s the one that Moore was heavily involved in.

(He was heavily involved in Season 2, as well. Season 3 is where he started to take some steps back.)

It’s because of this that I’m excited about his upcoming book-to-screen adaptation. He’s working with Sarah J. Maas to develop her book A Court of Thorns and Roses into a Hulu series. Yes, Hulu. It means another streaming service if you don’t already have it.

Moore and Maas will write A Court of Thorns and Roses pilot

The show hasn’t been officially picked up. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the deal for the pilot comes with a hefty penalty. Unless the pilot just simply doesn’t work (and that’s unlikely), this series is more than likely to get greenlit.

Moore and Maas will work on the pilot episode together. Yes, Moore is working directly with the book author to make sure the pilot conveys everything it needs to.

Maas shared that Moore is one of her “creative idols,” so it looks like a lot of positivity from the project already.

If you haven’t read A Court of Thorns and Roses and the other books in the series, you need to get on them now. It’s a fantasy series filled with faeries.

Moore is still working on For All Mankindrenewed for a third season, which has been . He is also still EP on Outlander although doesn’t do the day-to-day stuff anymore.

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