Blood of My Blood is not coming in October 2022

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Blood of My Blood is officially happening, but we don’t get to see it just yet. When will the Outlander prequel head to STARZ?

All eyes are on the end of Droughtlander, but there was the hope that something else would get us through it. It’s all about talk of the Outlander prequel.

After initially hearing that it was in the works, STARZ officially confirmed it in the summer. We know Blood of My Blood is happening, but it was nowhere on the list of releases this month. That’s not all too surprising, but it leaves us wondering when we could get to see it.

When will Blood of My Blood come to STARZ?

We have a long wait on our hands right now. There is no date of release, and there are no signs that Blood of My Blood is even in production. Everyone is working on Outlander Season 7 right now.

Of course, none of the cast in Season 7 will be in the prequel series. It’s set before Claire comes through the stones, focusing on Brian and Ellen Fraser. There’s even a chance that we won’t get to see even a young Jamie at first, as we’re expecting something about how Brian and Ellen fell in love.

While the cast isn’t involved, some of the EPs on Outlander are involved in the prequel. They’ll want to make sure Season 7 is done before putting full effort into Blood of My Blood. There are chances that we won’t see this until the end of 2023 at the earliest, depending on when production can get started.

It is something we’re keeping a close eye on, though. It’s a story that many people love from the books—and fans can’t wait for the prequel novel about the couple that Diana Gabaldon has confirmed she’s writing. Now we’re just waiting for any signs that filming has started.

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