What episode of Suspect did Sam Heughan appear in?

Suspect -- Courtesy of BritBox
Suspect -- Courtesy of BritBox /

Suspect is an eight-episode story of one man’s search for his daughter’s murder. Sam Heughan is in the series, but which episode does he appear in?

We get to see Sam Heughan in a completely different role compared to Outlander thanks to BritBox. He stars as Ryan in Suspect.

Ryan is a former partner of Danny, played by James Nesbitt. There is certainly history with Danny, but Ryan also has history with Danny’s murdered daughter Christina. Well, Danny is sure that Christina was murdered even though it looks like suicide. Did Ryan have something to do with it all?

Heughan isn’t in the series from the start. He pops up later on, and here’s the episode you’ll see him in.

Suspect: Which episode is Sam Heughan in?

Heughan is initially seen in CCTV footage, but he doesn’t really pop up into the story until Episode 5. The good news is the episodes are around 23 minutes (it’s a 30-minute series with commercials), so it doesn’t take you too long to get to Heughan’s appearance. Plus, this is a series with outstanding actors so you’ll want to watch for them, too.

After seeing him on CCTV footage, Danny decides to pay Ryan a visit. Ryan is at an MMA gym, and we spend the episode with Danny trying to get to the bottom of why Ryan was on the cameras. These were cameras Christina had previously been spotted on. Was it possible that Ryan had something to do with Christina’s death?

We’re not getting into spoilers in this post. Just know that if you’re only watching it to see Sam Heughan’s performance, it’s Episode 5 you want to jump to for his first appearance. However, this is worth a binge-watch in full.

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Suspect is now available to stream on BritBox. Catch the streamer on Amazon Channels.