Is Recipes for Love and Murder a binge-watch or weekly release?

Recipes for Love and Murder_Season 1, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Patrick Toselli/AcornTV
Recipes for Love and Murder_Season 1, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Patrick Toselli/AcornTV /

Maria Doyle Kennedy is back on our screens with Recipes for Love and Murder. How many episodes are available to stream on Acorn TV? When will new episodes come out?

During Droughtlander, we need to find other shows to watch. Of course, we want to support our favorite Outlander actors. Sometimes, we get to see them in vastly different roles to what we’re used to, and that’s certainly the case for Maria Doyle Kennedy in Recipes for Love and Murder.

We’re used to seeing her play serious characters. In the new Acorn TV series, she has a more humorous role to play. We get 10 whole episodes of her as Maria, a recipe columnist for a local paper.

The first episodes of the series are now available to stream. Is this a binge-watch release? How many episodes are released each week, and when will the finale air?

Recipes for Love and Murder is released weekly

There are two episodes currently available to stream. They dropped today, Monday, Sept. 5. From this point, there will be two episodes per week through to the finale.

With 10 episodes, we’re going to get the final episodes on Monday, Oct. 3. Acorn TV has confirmed this in a press release.

The first two episodes start with the case to solve. Yes, this is a murder mystery despite Maria being a recipe columnist. When her recipe column is cut, she goes up against a rookie journalist to be the advice columnist. That leads to her reading a letter from a woman with an abusive husband. The rookie journalist finds a crime scene, and it’s all linked to Maria’s letter.

This takes Maria and Jessie on a journey to figure out the murderer. However, they end up getting in the way of the local police, especially when it comes to Maria literally licking the evidence to figure out what the jam is.

In the second episode, we also find out that there are people in Scotland looking to track down Maria. No, Claire and Jamie are not searching for Jocasta in South Africa!

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Recipes for Love and Murder will air Mondays on Acorn TV. Don’t forget Acorn TV is available via Amazon Channels.