What is Recipes for Love and Murder about?

Recipes for Love and Murder is coming to Acorn TV. It’s perfect for Outlander fans with Maria Doyle Kennedy in the lead, but what is the series about?

If you’re looking for something to get through Droughtlander, you’ll want to get Acorn TV in September. The streamer is bringing a series with our own Maria Doyle Kennedy in the lead. Yes, in the lead.

The series is nothing like Outlander. It doesn’t involve time travel, and there isn’t an epic love story within the series. Instead, it’s a murder mystery, which explains the “Murder” part of the title. If you take a look at the trailer for the series, you’ll get a sense of what to expect. This is more of a cozy murder mystery rather than some dark and grisly thriller.

What is Recipes for Love and Murder about?

Doyle Kennedy plays Tannie Maria, a recipe creator-turned-advice columnist for a local newspaper in South Africa. Her first letter quickly pulls her into a new case in town. She hears about someone with an abusive husband, but that person ends up dead. Just what is going on?

She decides to team up with an investigative journalist who wants to get to the bottom of the case. The two work together to figure out who could have killed the victim, working as fast as they can before more victims show up.

The problem is they cause problems for the local police. They break into crime scenes and use some questionable techniques to check on evidence left behind. The local police is not happy that this advice columnist and investigative journalist keep getting in the way, but will the police end up listening to the two when it comes to solving the case?

Recipes for Love and Murder will premiere the first two episodes on Monday, Sept. 5 on Acorn TV. The rest of the 10-episode season will be released weekly.