Will Bobby Higgins appear in Outlander Season 7?

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Fans expected Bobby Higgins to show up in Outlander Season 6, but that didn’t happen. Will he appear in Outlander Season 7 instead?

Caution: There are some spoilers from An Echo in the Bone in this post if you haven’t made it through that book yet.

If you expected to see Bobby Higgins in Outlander Season 6, you weren’t alone. He does have a relatively important role in Malva’s story, and he eventually becomes important in Amy McCallum’s story. However, he didn’t appear.

Now eyes are on whether he’ll return in Outlander Season 7. After all, Amy has appeared in Season 6, and we’ve had the Beardsley/Lizzie storyline. Doesn’t this open for things to work for Bobby and Amy’s storyline?

Do we need Bobby Higgins in Outlander Season 7?

We have seen a few characters completely avoided in the TV series. Just look at Manfred McGillivray, who didn’t appear in the fifth or sixth seasons of the story. In the books, Manfred has a role in Lizzie’s story and he helps to find Brianna when she’s taken by Stephen Bonnet. The writers found a way around this.

Sometimes characters are avoided because there are other ways to handle situations. It’s cheaper on the casting not to have someone for a storyline and then have them disappear for a while. The producers then need to hope that the guest stars are available again in the future.

Tom Christie is originally introduced in The Fiery Cross around the time of the snake bite, but we didn’t get to see him until Outlander Season 6. Part of this would have been to keep the focus on the snake bite, but another part would have been to preserve casting to make sure a guest star would be available for as long as needed.

What will the writers decide to do about Bobby Higgins? It’s all going to depend on whether there’s going to be the focus on finding Amy a husband. In a way, this could be handled without Bobby and even just with a mention of him. His main role at first is to bring letters from Lord John Grey to Jamie, but we’ve seen in the series that Lord John Grey can find a way to turn up now and then. So is Bobby really all that necessary?

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Would you like to see Bobby Higgins appear in Outlander Season 7? How do you think the show could handle things without the character? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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