Will Tom Christie confess to murder in Outlander Season 7?

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Tom Christie is trying to keep Claire safe, and it’s clear he doesn’t believe her to be a murderer. He’ll want to do what he can to protect her honor and her life. Will he confess in Outlander Season 7?

Claire has been accused of murder. We know she didn’t do it. Those closest to her also know that she didn’t do it. That doesn’t stop the fisherfolk from believing her to be capable of it. That is except for Tom Christie.

If Tom really believed Claire was guilty, he would have led the fisherfolk in having her go with Richard Brown. Instead, he is trying to keep Claire safe as best as he can. There is another reason for this: he loves her.

It doesn’t really matter about the reasons, though. Tom Christie knows that Claire is innocent, and he should take a huge step in Outlander Season 7 to protect her.

Tom Christie is in Outlander Season 7

The show should stick to the book storyline when it comes to Claire’s trial. While we may not see her pretending to be the governor’s wife, we are expecting to see her potentially face trial only for it to be cut off at the last minute. Maril Davis has told Variety that Tom’s story is going to stick to the books.

Tom Christie steps forward with his confession. He shares that he was the one to kill his daughter.

Is it true, though? While Tom was angry about Malva’s actions, it’s unlikely that he would have killed her. He is a pious man a lot of the time. He is actually very conflicted between his faith and what he believes to be right, but the murder of an innocent girl isn’t something he’d do. He just doesn’t want Claire to be executed for something she didn’t do.

The story plays out in An Echo in the Bone. We get to find out why Tom confessed, and we get to find out who actually killed Malva.

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