Will Tom Christie return in Outlander Season 7?

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Tom Christie is a complicated character brought to life by Mark Lewis Jones. Will we see Tom return in Outlander Season 7?

When we learned the Christies would be part of Outlander Season 6, we thought they’d only be around for that season. Maybe that was going to be initially the case, and then the season was reduced from 12 episodes to eight. So, it would have changed things a little.

During the sixth season, we did see the storyline that threatened to cement a rift between the Frasers and the Christies. Malva’s murder led to Claire being accused and her arrest. Tom Christie has accompanied Claire, and it’s not exactly clear why just yet. Does this mean that Tom will be back in Outlander Season 7?

Tom will likely return in Outlander Season 7

There’s no reason to think that Tom won’t be back. After all, he’s a character who is important in the next part of Claire’s story. There is only this man fighting for Claire’s survival in Wilmington right now. Sure, Jamie, Young Ian, and the Cherokee are on their way, but they’re not in Wilmington just yet.

Tom has given Claire some money for her maintenance in jail. He’s not done looking out for her just yet.

What does Tom do in the Outlander books?

We can turn to the books to see how this storyline is going to play out. It turns out that Tom knows Claire didn’t kill Malva. He knows who did it, but he isn’t going to turn that person in. Instead, he is going to take the fall for his daughter’s murder.

This will save Claire, and it will lead to Tom being hanged. Well, that’s what everyone things. During An Echo in the Bone, Claire and Jamie learn that Tom wasn’t executed for murder. This helps to bring all the big reveals, including how Claire and Tom fell sick.

We’ll likely see all of this play out in Outlander Season 7. There’s no need to hold it for a future season. After all, right now, we don’t even know if Season 8 is going to happen or not.

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