Droughtlander suggestions: Watch Becoming Elizabeth on STARZ

Alicia von Rittberg as Elizabeth on new Starz show Becoming Elizabeth © 2020 Starz Entertainment, LLC
Alicia von Rittberg as Elizabeth on new Starz show Becoming Elizabeth © 2020 Starz Entertainment, LLC /

If you still have STARZ to watch Outlander, you’ll want to use it to get through Droughtlander. Becoming Elizabeth is the series to watch right now.

STARZ is the home of some great content, especially when it comes to period dramas. As you rewatch Outlander for the millionth time, you’ll want to use STARZ to your advantage. There is some other content to watch, and one of those is a new show to help get through a bit of Droughtlander.

Becoming Elizabeth is the new series currently airing on the network. Like Outlander, it airs weekly on Sunday nights. That means new episodes are available to stream at midnight ET on the app.

What is Becoming Elizabeth about?

The series picks up after the death of Henry VIII of England. Now his children, Edward, Mary, and Elizabeth, have become pawns for the English court. Of course, Henry’s son, Edward, will become the next king, but we know from history that Elizabeth ends up becoming the most well-known Tudor for the right reasons.

The series follows Elizabeth’s early years before she eventually becomes Queen of England. She needs to navigate a lot of trouble and various attempts to either have her killed or use her as a figurehead for a rebellion. We see her locked up in the Tower of London, threatened with execution, and much more.

How does she end up becoming queen? Why does she remain unmarried despite knowing it will be the end of the Tudor dynasty? Find out in this new series.

Why watch Becoming Elizabeth during Droughtlander

You already have STARZ, so you might as well get the most out of your subscription. This period drama is perfect. It will give you a little bit of an idea behind the whole Catholic/Protestant thing in Outlander—the two sides Tom and Jamie are on.

The drama is also well-written and performed. The characters of the past come to life, and there’s no doubt the costumes are beautiful. While there are many other dramas that focus on Queen Elizabeth, few focus on the terrifying years of her brother’s and sister’s reigns.

Elizabeth needs to navigate the world of religious and sexual politics. And she’s only a teenager when she’s managing it all. If you love shows that focus on strong, powerful women, Becoming Elizabeth is the next one to watch.

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Becoming Elizabeth airs Sundays on STARZ.