Droughtlander suggestions: Watch The First Lady

Now that we’re into Droughtlander, you’ll want content to help you get through it. The First Lady is certainly something worth watching.

Droughtlander is hard. While there are a lot of people who will use it as time to rewatch episodes of Outlander or reread the books, there is a lot of other great content out there to consume. Showtime has brought us The First Lady, which is certainly worth your time.

The series is set in three time periods, following the First Ladies of the United States in those time periods. We see Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford, and Michelle Obama. This is a chance to see what they did for the American people in the position that they held as First Lady of the United States during their tenure.

What is The First Lady about?

We get a chance to see the mark the women left on America. For Eleanor Roosevelt, it is focused on her fight to bring equality for women. Of course, there is still a fight on our hands, but she put a lot of focus on making sure women could get jobs in areas of work that were traditionally for me.

Betty Ford’s story is focused on her medical problems. The first is when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and how her diagnosis helped to boost the number of women getting mammograms. The second is her drug and alcohol addiction, which led to her going into rehab and boosting the numbers of others getting help.

Then there’s Michelle Obama, who focuses her time on gaining equality for people of color, specifically Black people. Again, it’s a fight still on our hands, but we get to see the work she put in behind the scenes.

Why watch The First Lady during Droughtlander?

What makes this a great show for Outlander fans? After all, it’s not like it takes place during the Revolutionary War.

The benefit is seeing powerful women do great things. They had the deck stacked against them, but they fought hard. With Betty’s storyline, we have that push for medical care, which does loosely connect to Claire’s fight to bring 20th-century medicine to the 18th-century Ridge in Outlander.

The series is only focused on these three First Ladies so far. There is a chance we’ll get a second season, and maybe we can get a look at Martha Washington.

It’s also filled with excellent actors and actresses. The costuming is great, and the storytelling is on point. You’ll know some of the stories, but you won’t know all of them, but even then, it’s a chance to see it all come to life.

What are you watching to get through Droughtlander? What do you think of The First Lady? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The First Lady is streaming on Showtime.