5 best Tom moments in Outlander Season 6

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Tom Christie isn’t a character to love, but he’s not the worst on the series. He also had some great moments in Outlander Season 6.

We knew there would be trouble when the Christies came to the Ridge. That trouble looked like it was going to be in the form of Tom Christie. Sure enough, he did try to fight for power against Jamie, but Tom ended up being the least problematic Christie.

In fact, Tom is one of those characters struggling internally. He wants to follow the Lord, but he’s also full of pride. That leads to some questionable actions, but he does look out for some of the people at the Ridge.

It’s time to look back over Tom’s time on Outlander Season 6. Here are his five best moments.

5 best Tom moments in Outlander Season 6

5. Refusing to give Jamie a reason to gloat

We found out from the beginning that Jamie and Tom had a bad history. It’s not just religion that divides them, but the way they choose to lead and follow their faiths. Tom doesn’t want to give Jamie a reason to gloat or look down on him.

When Tom finally accepted the surgery on his hand, he refused to do it under ether. He thought his Bible would be enough. Of course it wasn’t, but he wanted to show that he had the ability to handle pain the way Jamie could. It’s important to see this as it’s part of Tom’s pride.

4. His reaction to Claire’s request for a stool sample

After recovering from her illness, Claire went out to see Tom. The two had the same illness, but it wasn’t the bloody flux. Claire wanted to get to the bottom of what it was, and that meant looking at a stool sample.

Tom’s reaction was priceless. He was embarrassed and shocked at the same time. His reactions certainly made him entertaining throughout Outlander Season 6.

3. Agreeing to Jamie accompanying Claire to trial

Tom also had some caring moments. Out of all the people, he would have had the right to expect Claire’s head on a platter for Malva’s death. Yet, it was clear he didn’t believe Claire did it. He even asked for Claire’s medical opinion about whether Malva’s had time to ask for forgiveness.

So, when everyone else wants to take Claire to trial or burn her as a witch, Tom surprises everyone stop it all. He wants Claire to go to trial, but he also wants to make sure she actually makes it to trial. He will go, and he will allow Jamie to go with them. He understands the dangers of the Browns.

2. Giving Claire money in jail

In the end, Jamie and Claire are separated. Tom chooses to stay with Claire, knowing she needs his protection more than Jamie does. It’s a good thing, too.

When they get to Wilmington, Claire is taken straight to the jail. Tom sees that Richard Brown is up to something so makes sure that Claire is protected. He hands her a purse of coins for her maintenance, making it clear that he believes her and he wants to see her safe from harm.

1. Apologizing for his reaction during surgery

The top moment has to be after Tom’s surgery in Outlander Season 6. Claire is looking to use her ether to help her sleep, but Tom is awake. This gives the two a chance to talk, and it’s a chance for Tom to apologize for the way he acted during the surgery.

This is important for Tom to break down some of his walls. We see him as a man, and we see some of his fears. I do think it’s also the start of Tom’s love for Claire as he builds more respect for her.

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What were your favorite Tom moments in Outlander Season 6? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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