5 best Fergus moments in Outlander Season 6

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Fergus went through one hell of a journey during Outlander Season 6. It’s time to look back at his standout moments from the episodes.

We knew before Outlander Season 6 started that it would be a hard journey for Fergus. He struggled to deal with not being able to help Marsali when Lionel Brown attacked, and things went from bad to worse for him throughout the season.

That being said, it was one of the best seasons for character development for Adult Fergus. There’s no doubt we appreciated the focus on him as fans.

We’re looking back at Fergus’s best moments from the season. These are not necessarily good moments for Fergus, but they are standout moments that make the character himself.

5 best Fergus moments in Outlander Season 6.

5. Badly pretending that nothing is wrong

At the start of the season, Fergus tries to pretend that nothing is wrong. He is clearly drunk, but it’s almost like he thinks he’s hiding it. This is not something that he wants to talk about with anyone else.

This is just the start of seeing the problem. We get this sense that there is a lot bottled up, and some of that has been there for a while.

4. His reaction to Marsali’s confession

During Outlander Season 6, Marsali shared that she was the one who killed Lionel Brown. This was supposed to be a way to prove that she doesn’t see what Fergus can provide in protection. She loves Fergus for who he is.

It didn’t have the desired effect. Fergus was angry that his wife had killed Lionel. It wasn’t about fear for her soul, but about the fact that it proved to him that his family didn’t need him.

3. Telling Claire why he worries about Henri-Christian

Fergus wanted some sort of hope during Outlander Season 6. That was supposed to come in the form of the birth of another child. Instead, Fergus learned that his son was a dwarf.

It was hard for some of the others to understand his negative reaction. Claire was one of those who wanted to make it clear that Henri-Christian could still have a life. Fergus knew that wasn’t necessarily the case, and he had the chance to open up about his fears. Breaking down the walls to Claire was just perfect.

2. Attempting to end it all

I know Fergus trying to kill himself isn’t a good moment, but the scene itself was outstanding. Jamie came across Fergus in the woods, and we got to see this wonderful moment between father and son.

Fergus’s walls broke down further. Everything he’d been holding in came out, and he shared how he feared that he couldn’t do anything for his family. Surely his family would be better without him. It would be hard for many to understand why Fergus would even consider taking his own life, but he expressed it perfectly.

1. His reaction to Henri-Christian

Finally, it is all about the birth of Henri-Christian. While Marsali instantly loving him was one of her top moments from Outlander Season 6, Fergus’s reaction is his top moment. This was important to kick start his fears and finally help him break down his walls.

Fergus wanted to be happy. He was happy at first. It was only when he saw Henri-Christian’s face that he reacted negatively. It’s not that he didn’t love his son, but that he had all these fears that would now come out.

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What were your favorite Fergus moments in Outlander Season 6? Share in the comments below.

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