5 best Marsali moments in Outlander Season 6

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Marsali has become a fan favorite character, and she had some outstanding moments in Outlander Season 6. Here are her top five moments.

There’s no doubt that when Marsali was initially introduced in Outlander Season 3, it was hard to like her. She was completely against Claire, but that was understandable. This was a young lady who had gained opinions of Claire from her mother, Laoghaire. Marsali soon changed her opinions as she got to know Claire more.

During the fifth season, Marsali had a chance to become an integral character for the series. Then in Outlander Season 6, we saw her take a small step back as no longer being Claire’s apprentice. That didn’t stop her being important for a few characters.

There were some excellent moments in Outlander Season 6. Here are the five best for Marsali MacKimmie Fraser.

5 best Marsali moments in Outlander Season 6

5. Being honest about Fergus’s struggles

We started the season with concerns for Marsali. She was covered in bruises, and it looked like Fergus had started beating her. That wasn’t the case.

Fergus was struggling with feeling inadequate, blaming himself for Marsali being taken. She had been lashing out, leading to getting bruises. We know that Marsali watched her mom get beaten by her dad. She wouldn’t stand for it from a man in her life, so we can trust that she isn’t making excuses for Fergus.

Plus, it helps to make it clear that there is a problem everyone should be paying attention to but she doesn’t quite know how to ask for help. This is something how a lot of people react even now, let alone in the past.

4. Realizing Brianna is pregnant

Before leaving for New Bern, we get to see Marsali and Brianna spend more time together. As she’s packing, she sees Bree touch her stomach. Marsali immediately knows what that means. Of course she would after having four children of her own.

She jokingly calls Bree out for not sharing the news. Part of this is because Bree wanted to tell Claire first, but Marsali is leaving. I just love seeing the two women bond as sisters.

3. Telling Fergus she killed Lionel Brown

When she’s trying to get through to Fergus, she decides to make it clear that she doesn’t need Fergus to save her from anything. She killed Lionel Brown.

It has the opposite effect of what Marsali wanted. However, it makes one thing clear. Marsali is with Fergus because she loves him and not because of what he can offer. It may not have got through to Fergus in this moment, but it’s clear that Marsali is desperate to get her husband back and she will support what he needs if they can’t remain at the Ridge.

2. Fear of dying during childbirth

During the start of Outlander Season 6, Marsali realizes that there’s a problem with her unborn baby. The movements have decreased, and he doesn’t want to come out easily. There is a lot of fear among many people in the Fraser-MacKenzie household.

Marsali is terrified. She thinks that she could die. It’s not surprising considering childbirth was a death sentence for many women back then—it still is!—but this is the first time we really see that vulnerability from Marsali.

1. Immediately loving Henri-Christian

When Marsali does manage to give birth, everyone learns that Henri-Christian isn’t like her other children. He’s a dwarf, and Fergus is immediately angry and disappointed. We later find out why, but this is all about Marsali.

Some mothers could turn away from their disabled baby. However, Marsali doesn’t. She immediately loves Henri-Christian, and it’s perfect. Marsali will be fiercely protective of this baby.

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What were your favorite Marsali moments in Outlander Season 6? Share them in the comments below.

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