Is Outlander Season 6 on Netflix today?

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Outlander Season 5 has just dropped on Netflix in the United States today. What about Outlander Season 6? Can you watch those episodes, too?

Those who only watch the series on Netflix got some great news today. Outlander Season 5 is now available to stream in full. All 12 episodes are available to stream on Netflix in the United States.

Of course, there is another season to watch. Fans have had the chance to watch all eight episodes of Outlander Season 6 on STARZ. Has that season also dropped on Netflix today? We have some bad news.

Outlander Season 6 is not on Netflix in the United States

As of right now, you can’t watch Outlander Season 6 on Netflix in the U.S. The eight episodes did not drop with Season 5.

This isn’t all that surprising. First of all, the Netflix releases happen two years after the finales air on STARZ. That means we’re not looking at Season 6 arriving until May 1, 2024. This will only be the case if the current STARZ-Netflix contract is in place, which we do expect it to be considering the popularity of the series on Netflix.

Second of all, STARZ isn’t going to want to make all seasons of the series available on another streaming platform. This is a STARZ Original. It’s also one of the most popular shows on the premium cable network. There is no way the cable network wants to share with the biggest streamer around. It would mean losing subscribers.

So, that’s the reason for the two-year wait. Droughtlanders are long, and STARZ will always want to make sure at least one season is exclusive to the network. That means waiting for Season 6. For a while, there will be two seasons exclusive to the network because we should see Outlander Season 7 on STARZ sometime in 2023.

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Outlander Seasons 1 to 5 are now on Netflix U.S. Watch Outlander Season 6 only on STARZ.