What is The Twin about?

The Twin, courtesy of Shudder
The Twin, courtesy of Shudder /

It’s Droughtlander, which means you’re looking for something else to watch. Steven Cree stars in The Twin, but what is the movie about?

There is no doubt that you’re looking for content to get through Droughtlander. We tend to turn to shows and movies that star current or former Outlander actors. The great news is Steven Cree has something that’s come out on Shudder this weekend.

He also stars with A Discovery of Witches star Teresa Palmer. In fact, the two play husband and wife. It looks like Gallowglass finally got his Diana.

The Twin synopsis

The movie is on Shudder (where you can always watch A Discovery of Witches if you missed it), which should give one thing away immediately. This is a horror movie, and it gives similar vibes to the likes of A Boy and The Woman in Black. It involves a lot of the supernatural and a very creepy kid!

Palmer and Cree play Rachel and Anthony. After a tragic accident claims the life of one of their twins, the two move to the other side of the world with their surviving twin. They just want to be able to start afresh in a world where nobody knows there used to be two children. However, it’s not going to be that easy.

Rachel starts to unravel as strange things start to happen. At first, she brushes things off when she realizes her son is talking to an “imaginary friend” in his room, but then he starts to act weird. Eventually, she finds out that malicious forces are looking to take her surviving son, and it’s going to be up to Rachel and Anthony to get to the bottom of it before it’s too late.

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The Twin is on Shudder now.