What time is Outlander on tonight? (May 1)

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

We are not ready for the start of another Droughtlander, but we do want to know how Outlander Season 6 ends. What time can you stream the episode?

Tonight’s episode of Outlander is going to be bittersweet. It is going to be an exciting episode, but it means the start of another Droughtlander. Hopefully, this one isn’t going to be as long as the previous one, but it doesn’t stop us hating the idea of it.

The new episode will be available on the STARZ App and will air on the channel. If you do watch on the channel, there is some exciting news. STARZ is airing an Outlander marathon throughout the day on Sunday, May 1 starting at 11 a.m. ET/PT. You’ll be able to binge-watch the whole of Season 6 before the finale.

This marathon isn’t surprising. Not only is it finale day, but it’s also a big day for the series. This is Jamie Fraser’s birthday!

Outlander Season 6 finale release time on STARZ

For those who watch on the app, the new episode drops tonight. The Outlander Season 6 finale will air at midnight ET. This can often mean an earlier drop for those on the west coast. Look out for the episode at 9 p.m. tonight, Saturday, April 30.

If you wait for the episode to air on the channel, you will need to wait until Sunday night. The episode drops at 9 p.m. ET/PT. This is after a new episode of Gaslit, which starts at 8 p.m. if you’ve been watching the new Julia Roberts series.

There will be a rerun of the finale at 11:08 p.m. ET/PT if you do miss the first run of it or if you want to watch it again.

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