5 big takeaways from the Outlander Season 6 finale promo and synopsis

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Can you believe we’re getting into the Outlander Season 6 finale already? The promo and synopsis are out, and here’s what we can take from them.

As Brianna and Roger head to Edenton, Claire and Jamie face another threat. The Browns turned up at the end of the previous episode, and that’s going to catapult us into the Outlander Season 6 finale.

It’s hard to believe that we’re at the finale already. This season has gone by too fast. Of course, that’s because it is the shortest season to date due to the pandemic and Caitriona Balfe’s pregnancy. We’ll get a longer season in Season 7 to make up for it.

Now it’s time to get ready for the final episode of the season. What are the takeaways from the Outlander Season 6 promo and synopsis?

Outlander Season 6 promo and synopsis

Before we get into the takeaways, it’s time to look at the two pieces of promotional material for the episode. After this, we’ll get straight into the breakdown, so you know what to do if you don’t like these types of posts.

"Richard Brown and his Committee of Safety arrive to arrest Claire for murder. However, due to the rising political tensions in the colonies, Brown’s plan to find a judge for a trial does not go as expected."

Richard Brown isn’t going without a fight

Richard Brown is ready to arrest Claire. He knows that Jamie won’t step aside, and that’s arguably why Richard brought so many other people. Otherwise, wouldn’t he have just turned up with a handful of men to arrest Claire?

Richard isn’t leaving without a fight. This is personal for him. It’s not just about Malva.

The fisherfolk refuse to help Claire and Jamie

There isn’t anybody who will help Claire and Jamie. We see them in the house firing their rifles at Richard’s men, and Claire questions where people are. Well, it turns out that the fisherfolk are going to turn up looking for “justice.”

The court of public opinion is dangerous, especially when you get the mob mentality from it. Claire and Jamie will have no choice but to turn themselves over.

Nobody else is turning up to help

But where are the others? We know Bree and Roger are heading off to Edenton. There are others missing who would have helped Claire and Jamie, though. We see Lizzie and one of the Beardsley twins at the stable, and they’re shocked and scared. They won’t be able to do much alone, so maybe they’ll go off to get help.

Where’s Young Ian? Wouldn’t he stick around to help Claire and Jamie? He doesn’t believe Claire murdered Malva. Has the Committee of Safety done something to Ian and Rollo?

Jamie knows Claire won’t get a fair trial

One thing that we can tell is that Claire won’t get a fair trial. Jamie knows that. After all, if he thought a trial would be fair, wouldn’t he let Claire go with the men?

The problem is Jamie knows that there’s a personal element to this. Richard hasn’t forgotten about Lionel Brown’s death. He made it clear that he would be a threat to the Frasers. Jamie isn’t going to let Claire go alone when he knows what will happen to her.

The Revolutionary War could save Claire

It looks like there’s a good thing about the coming Revolutionary War. Richard can’t find a judge for the trial against Claire. Without a judge, Claire can’t be legally tried for murder and he doesn’t get his own way.

What will it lead to? Does this give Jamie time to find a way to save Claire? Will it give someone else time to stand up for Claire?

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What do you take from the Outlander Season 6 finale promo and synopsis? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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