Outlander season 6 episode 6 review

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Hello, Outlander fans! A little late with this weekly review but can you blame me? Even with a week off between episodes, I’m still reeling from “The World Turned Upside Down.” I’m sure many of you are in the same boat!

I just… We knew something big was coming but that was a lot for the Frasers. And for me. I’m still trying to process what happened, including the cliffhanger at the end of the episode. More on that later.

The Christies have just got to go. They’ve caused complete chaos and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop any time soon. Are you ready to relive the episode? Here we go! You’ve got a show-only fan here, so I have no idea what storylines are coming up from the book!

Outlander season 6 episode 6 review

Malva’s accusation

Ok, we obviously have to start with this master manipulator. Apparently, Malva has been sleeping around, including with Ian (like things needed to get more complicated!). Now she’s pregnant but she’s not telling the truth about the father. For some unfathomable reason, out of all the men on the Ridge, it’s Jamie she accuses of being her baby daddy.

Before she revealed the news poor Jamie was trying to give her a comforting look like it’s ok, you can tell me who the father is. Then his face changes so quickly, Sam’s acting was on point here! Ugh, the way Jessica Reynolds played the scene! I love her but hate Malva. She made it seem like Jamie forced her and she didn’t want to do it. The little liar could even name scars no one would have been able to see. Of course, this was a callback to the end of episode 4 when Malva was watching Jamie and Claire in the barn.

When Claire slaps Malva, it was so satisfying! I feel like Tom and Allan were acting a bit off. I don’t know, Tom seemed to calm in the situation. Also, shame on Mrs. Bug for being the first one to blab her mouth to the rest of the Ridge about what happened.

Outlander Season 6
Outlander Season 6 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Jamie and Claire

Despite the craziness of this episode, Jamie and Claire had some really sweet scenes. Even in an episode like this, the writers managed to include these quieter moments that show us how in love they still are. Let’s start with the sweet then get to the aftermath of Malva’s accusation.

A good part of the beginning of the episode focused on the disease that plagued the Ridge. It was really heartbreaking to see so many people died, including babies and kids. The culprit is amoebic dysentery thanks to a dead elk found in the river the settlers use as a water source.

Claire gets very sick too and experiences fevers and delusions because of it. Everyone, especially Jamie, is worried about her. I do wish the writers actually showed Jamie being worried a bit more. I was comparing this part of the story to the season 5 episode when Jamie was bit by a snake. We saw all the emotions Claire went through thinking she would be losing him. It would have been nice to see that instead of just being told by Roger what Jamie’s state was like in the week Claire was out.

They honestly could have cut or made the Malva and Jamie scene shorter. It really wasn’t needed and could have given us more than two glimpses of his worry. I know the writers were limited on time, there was a lot to get through in this episode. But it would have been nice to spend a bit more time on Claire and how close to death she actually was. I don’t feel like it resonated with the audience and it felt rushed.

Once she’s recovered we do get quite a bit of scenes with Jamie and Claire and how he takes care of her. “If you were no longer there or somewhere, then the sun would no longer come up or go down.” I mean, find you a man who says such beautiful things! The scene with him sleeping on the floor so as not to bother her was so sweet and a nice callback to the season 1 episode “Rent.” Their playfulness and listing what they like about each other made my heart so happy!

Aftermath of Malva’s accusation

So after Malva spews out her lies, Jamie kicks the Christies out of his home and goes looking for Claire. This scene was really well-written with Sam Heughan and Caitríona Balfe just nailing it. For a second when it seemed like he was going to confess to making a mistake, my heart dropped. Not because I actually believed he did anything with Malva, but I thought he was about to claim the baby as some kind of honor thing.

But no, he had to tell Claire about someone from the past. And that was Mary MacNab who he slept with back in season 3. I don’t know if I’m missing something, but I don’t really get why this was brought up. It kind of confused me. I get that Jamie feels bad he never told Claire about it, but it happened years ago when Claire was back in her time. He thought he’d never see her again and there was a good chance she would be living with Frank as true husband and wife.

But whatever, the rest of the scene was pure perfection. Their love is strong and they trust each other implicitly. And Claire knows Jamie would never not claim a child that was his own. Phew!

Outlander Season 6 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Claire and Malva

Claire goes to see Malva to try and get through to her. She makes it clear that she and Jamie have been through so much together. Nothing will tear them apart, including these false accusations. For a moment there’s a switch and we can see how bad Malva feels. It seems like she’s going to tell Claire the truth. But then Allan comes out and that all changes. He’s said or done something to her, I can feel it.

It’s a shame because you can actually see how much both women care about each other. But I think there’s something or someone forcing Malva to do what she did. Finally, we come to the end of the episode where Claire is reliving her PTSD and takes the ether. It was kind of weird of her to do that even though she saw Malva was coming toward her. Maybe the writers are trying to show us that Claire’s dependence on the ether is getting a bit out of control?

She has a pretty frightening dream. When she makes it outside, Malva’s throat is slit in the garden. Claire does a C-section to try and save the baby, but it’s too late. This is not going to look good for Claire. None of the settlers have been going to see her for medical help, and now if someone spots her with all this blood on her hands, it’s going to look like she killed Malva.

I mean, the accusation was enough of a shock. But this show had to throw one more twist our way. How much worse can this get? I have a feeling the Frasers’ home is about to turn against them very quickly.

Bonus shout-outs

Oh my gosh, Claire’s new do. I can’t. Just no. Please bring back the long hair! But Roger telling Claire “nothing could make you less beautiful” was too sweet.

Bree tells Claire she’s pregnant!

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