Who killed Malva in Outlander?

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

There is one big mystery in Outlander Season 6 right now. It’s all about who killed Malva Christie. Was it Claire? Jamie? Tom?

We got to the end of another episode of Outlander Season 6 with some big questions. The biggest of all certainly surrounds Malva’s murder. And it’s clear that she’s been murdered. Her throat was slit, and she couldn’t have done that herself.

Or could she have? Did Malva choose to kill herself? This is highly unlikely. There would be no reason for Malva to kill herself unless it was some sort of new revenge plan. However, Malva clearly wants Jamie to be with her, and when she couldn’t remove Claire from the picture, she decided to make it look like Jamie had been unfaithful. Having her provide for her child is better than nothing at all.

The real father of Malva’s child killed her in Outlander

We know that Claire didn’t do it. Claire was unconscious at the time. There’s no way Claire could have even done it subconsciously considering the way ether knocks a person out.

What about Jamie? Despite all the rumors, there’s no way that Jamie would kill a girl and her unborn child. We can also rule out the likes of Roger, Brianna, and Young Ian. They don’t have it in them to kill in cold blood.

It has to be whoever the real father of the baby is, because we know it isn’t Jamie. It’s highly unlikely that Young Ian is the real father. Malva is further along in her pregnancy than Brianna, which means this happened before Claire suffered from whatever illness she came down with.

Who killed Malva in the Outlander books?

We’ll head into some book spoilers here. We find out who did it in A Breath of Snow and Ashes, but it takes some time.

Claire is arrested for murder, but Tom learns the truth in the end. It was Allan who did it. It turns out Allan sexually abused and raped Malva, and he is the father of the child. He made Malva sleep with other men and eventually claim Jamie is the father. When Malva was ready to confess the truth to Claire, Allan decides to kill Malva and make it look like Claire did it.

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