Were [Spoiler]’s body parts in the jar in the Outlander books?

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Outlander views got a shock in the new episode when they saw a certain pirate’s body parts in a jar. Did that happen in the books?

Whenever something odd comes up in Outlander, it’s usual to look back at the books to see if this was a show thing or was adapted from the books. Season 6, Episode 5 brought fans a surprising moment. There were a set of body parts on display, and not the type of body parts you’d usually like to see on display.

The episode saw Claire and Jamie head to Wilmington, where they found out that Stephen Bonnet’s testicles were in a jar. Of course, book fans who can’t remember all the details (they are big books and we all get details mixed up now and then) and show-first or show-only fans want to know if this is something that comes up in the books.

It certainly is, but the details are a little different.

Claire comes across one of the body parts in the Outlander books

In the books, there is a moment where Claire comes across Dr. Fentiman and finds out that he has one of Bonnet’s testicles in a jar. It turns out that Brianna had shot him in the testicle and he needed it removed. Fentiman wanted to keep it on display.

This was while Bonnet was still alive. Jamie was trying to track Bonnet down to be able to get revenge, but the pirate was elusive. In fact, Bonnet managed to find Bree before Jamie was able to find him.

In the show, the timeline has changed a little. This is mostly due to the way TV shows need to film in case they can’t get guest stars back for the following season because of clashing schedules. So, instead of having just the one testicle, both of them were put on display in the series.

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