The Nevers Season 1B is not coming to HBO in April 2022

The Nevers Season 1, Episode 1 - Photograph by HBO / Keith Bernstein
The Nevers Season 1, Episode 1 - Photograph by HBO / Keith Bernstein /

April marks a year since we got to see Laura Donnelly in action in The Nevers. There are more episodes coming but not in April 2022.

We’re still waiting for any sort of news on The Nevers Season 1, Part 2. All we know for now is that it wasn’t on the list of releases coming to HBO and HBO Max in April 2022.

That’s not too surprising. We’d have heard all about a release date if it was happening this month. It didn’t stop us from hoping for a miracle, though.

Of course, for us Outlander fans, it’s a good thing that the show isn’t coming back next month. We’re in the middle of Outlander Season 6, with new episodes coming out throughout the month of April. We don’t want to make choices between shows. It’s hard enough having to choose between Outlander and Sanditon right now.

The Nevers Season 1B release date predictions

When could we expect to see the release of the six episodes? Probably not until the summer of this year.

The good news is the episodes have been filmed. The series is now in post-production, and this is going to take some time. There are a lot of visual effects involved, and it can take eight months easily for a fantasy series to get through post-production.

This delay for the episodes is partly due to Joss Whedon stepping down from the project. Filming was put on hold so that a new showrunner could come in. There were a few changes, and we’ll have to see how they play out on the screen. It did mean filming couldn’t start until the middle of 2021, but it wrapped up fairly quickly with just six episodes to do.

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The Nevers is available to stream on HBO and HBO Max. Stay tuned for the latest updates on The Nevers Season 1B.