5 big takeaways from the Outlander Season 6, Episode 5 promo and synopsis

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

We’re at the halfway mark of the season and tensions are rising. Here’s what to expect in Outlander Season 6, Episode 5 based on the promo.

The previous episode brought us to the end of the first half of Outlander Season 6. There has been a lot of focus on things to come, mostly the war that is just on the brink of starting. Well, tensions are rising in North Carolina, and it’s time for Jamie to consider the switch.

This is something that has played on his mind for a while. We get to see that he worries about some people he knows because of what they will think. It’s time to break down the promo and synopsis for Outlander Season 6, Episode 5 to get an idea of what to expect on Sunday.

Outlander Season 6, Episode 5 promo and synopsis

Here’s a look at both the promo and synopsis before we break everything down.

"Claire and Jamie experience the rising tensions in the colonies when they attend a Loyalist event in Wilmington in honor of the Scottish heroine Flora MacDonald."

Familiar faces return to the series

There are two very familiar faces who pop up in the promo for the new episode. Everyone has been screaming at Lord John Grey returning, but we also get to see Jocasta. We knew both of them were returning based on some previous promotional material, but it’s so good to see it’s at this point and not the very end.

Flora MacDonald will be included

Claire and Jamie are heading to an event that includes Flora MacDonald. She is an important figure in real history, and she was included in the books. It looks like the story of her event is changing slightly, but that will be to help combine a couple of storylines. Instead of a barbecue at River Run, it looks like she’s going to be in Wilmington in the middle of some riots.

There’s trouble in Willmington

Oh yes, there is trouble in Wilmington. This isn’t surprising. There are rising tensions, and there are problems for the shop owners who are on the side of the Loyalists. This could open a few things up for Fergus’s storyline, though.

Rumors about Roger are circulating

If you were wondering if something would happen between Amy and Roger, you wouldn’t be alone. This new episode is going to bring it up. He’s spending an awful lot of time with Amy alone. Of course there is going to be talk. What will Roger do in Outlander Season 6, Episode 5?

There may be a witch about

Finally, the women find a love circle. Marsali knows all about it, which isn’t surprising considering her own mother’s views about witches but also about using “love potions.” Is there a witch about? Malva certainly seems interested in what Marsali has to say.

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What do you hope to see in Outlander Season 6, Episode 5? What do you spot in the promo and synopsis? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander airs on Sundays on STARZ.