Outlander Season 6 episode 2 review

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Hey, Outlander fans! We’re back this week with another Outlander Season 6 review to take a look at the season’s second episode, “Allegiance.”

This was a really well-done episode that mixed in comedy to balance out all the emotions that came our way. The show decided to put everything outlandish (pun intended) into one episode – from the Native American women pouncing on Jamie, Fergus and Marsali’s intimate scene, and even a funeral for someone who apparently wasn’t dead just yet.

“Allegiance” was appropriately titled for Jamie. He really had to think about his allegiance to the Crown, his allegiance to himself as an honorable man with the Mohawks, and his allegiance to Young Ian. And that’s the one that won out at the end.

The emotional episode had a lot going on. So let’s jump into the Outlander Season 6 episode 2 review. There’s a lot to unpack! And just a reminder that I am a show-only fan, so the thoughts below will reflect that.

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Outlander S6 Tease Art, Image IDs: OLS6_051521_3888, OLS6_051521_3797, OLS6_051521_3833, OLS6_051521_4640, OLS6_051521_4669, OLS6_051321_0121, SHUTTERSTOCK_1346233085, SHUTTERSTOCK_245744359, SHUTTERSTOCK_531377200, SHUTTERSTOCK_1016508118, GETTYIMAGES-1289644008 /

Outlander Season 6 episode 2 review

Jamie and Claire

The episode starts off in the Mohawk village. The Native Americans are rightfully asking for stronger weapons like guns, rifles, and muskets to protect themselves. But this can cause a problem in the near future because Jamie doesn’t know which side the Mohawks will fight against in the upcoming American Revolution. He might be arming the enemy.

Later that night Jamie has something else to deal with. I’ll be honest, the first time watching the episode I was kind of confused why the scene with Jamie and the Indian girls was necessary. But on my second watch, I could find the humor in it. Sam played that scene so well! Jamie looked so uncomfortable, it was hilarious.

It does lead to the awesome scene where Jamie basically pounces on Claire when he gets back home. He was so eager that he just throws his coat at Mrs. Bug. And the housekeeper could definitely hear what was happening upstairs. Eagle-eyed fans probably noticed the callback to Mrs. Baird looking up at the ceiling when Frank and Claire stopped by her hotel back in Outlander‘s very first episode.

Throughout the episode, Jamie is wrestling with making a decision, but ultimately realizes he has to put his allegiance to Ian first. Because the Mohawks are his family too. Young Ian heartbreakingly reveals to Marsali that he had a child with his Mohawk wife. I just wanted to give him a big hug! I’m impatiently waiting to find out just what happened there.

I really liked how throughout the episode, Jamie was asking for Claire’s thoughts and took them into consideration. But Claire wasn’t telling Jamie what to do. She knew he would make the right choice at the end.

Whether it was the right choice or not, we’ve yet to see. I think putting Ian first was definitely the right move, but this decision is probably going to come back and bite the Fraser’s in the butt somehow. The way Jamie ominously says “come what may,” which are the exact words on the Season 6 promotional poster, definitely makes me nervous!

Jamie and Tom Christie

Speaking of ominous people. Tom Christie. This guy is still getting on my nerves. And now we’re getting a glimpse at just how horrible he can be. He decides to take his frustrations out on his daughter Malva by beating her. She’s so sweet and has such an adorable smile around Claire, but that girl sure can give a wickedly scary look when her father is unable to beat her with his belt because of the problem with his hand. There’s something else under that innocence. This was the second time he mentions his wife, and not in a good way. What could she have done for him to hate her so much?

And he has the audacity to call Claire a witch, which Jamie very much does not take kindly to. There have been so many consequences before with this accusation that he’s not taking any chances. The scene between Jamie and Tom where our leader of men tells him to make the building a meeting house instead of a church was television gold. The politeness with the undercurrent of hostility was so well played by both actors.

Fergus and Marsali

The couple who really went through the wringer this episode was Fergus and Marsali. The poor girl was just so frustrated with her husband being gone and drunk all the time. “Where is Fergus?” was definitely the question of the episode. Roger thankfully gets him to snap out of his drunken state so he can support his wife who’s in labor. That Roger is great at speeches just like preaching apparently. More on this later.

Fergus and Marsali perform a very… interesting and unconventional way of getting the birth process moving along. An amused Claire leaves them to it, but it’s too much awkwardness for Bree and Jamie to handle. I get it! Right when we thought all is going to be well for the lovely couple, there’s another hurdle thrown their way.

Their new son, Henri-Christian, is a dwarf. Fergus doesn’t react well when he sees his baby. My heart really goes out to him. He’s blaming himself for Claire and Marsali’s attack. When you’re at a vulnerable place like that, you can’t take any more surprises. He’s probably already blaming himself that his child’s dwarfism is somehow his fault. I can already see it. So I guess dark times are still ahead for this couple. I knew it couldn’t have been that easy. Big shout-out to Lauren Lyle who played everything so beautifully in this episode!

Outlander Season 6
Outlander Season 6 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Roger and Brianna

I have to agree with Roger. Brianna is definitely a genius! Unfortunately, not everyone on the Ridge was very impressed with her invention of matches. That dinner table scene was so funny! Everyone’s reactions were on point. I do kind of get it. They have fire all around them which is easy enough to light. Poor Bree.

And when they thought Brianna was pregnant, Jamie immediately gets excited and wants to pour out the whisky. But then he sits back down with a sheepish smile when he realizes that’s not the news Bree wanted to share. Love it! Though she’s not pregnant, it turns out Roger and Bree are trying to have another baby (yay!). But right now it’s not working out for them. I wonder how long they’ll have to try, or if they even will be able to get pregnant again.

And there’s adorable little Aidan again, knocking on their door. The McCallams. There’s something coming up with that family, isn’t there?

Earlier in the episode, Roger proved he’s actually a pretty good preacher. Not the first job that comes to mind when I think about Roger, but I’ll give it a chance. And honestly, it’s much better for Roger to be leading the community than Tom Christie and his very strong beliefs. If he was able to handle that hilarious funeral, then he can handle anything.

Bonus shout-out

The bonus shout-out goes to Lizzie once again. But this time she’s got her flirting game on with the other Beardsley brother, Kezzie. And apparently, he can talk now. Ok, cool. Maybe a bit of a love triangle is in store?

Outlander airs Sundays on STARZ.

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