Outlander Season 6 premiere review

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Sassenachs rejoice! After almost two years, Droughtlander is finally over. The show treated us to an 80-minute Outlander Season 6 premiere episode!

I love the use of the voiceover, music, and flashes to give us a recap of Season 5. Sometimes I still can’t believe that all happened in one season. It was such a smart device to start off the episode. And apparently, the storm is yet to come. But what else is new?

We also jump right into the action, as you do in Outlander. We first head back to 1753 where we meet one of three of the troublesome lot this season, Tom Christie. He’s in Ardsmuir Prison with Jamie. Religion, unfortunately, has always divided people, and that’s also true thanks to Tom. More on this later.

Overall I was very impressed with the Outlander Season 6 premiere. “Echoes” delivered everything it’s supposed to, set up some of the challenges for the Frasers that are to come, all while still managing to give us some sweet moments as well. I am a show-only fan so the thoughts below will reflect that!

Outlander Season 6 premiere review

Jamie and Claire

We’re of course going to start off with our favorite couple. They have some lovely quiet moments throughout the episode, which I very much appreciate. All these two want is to keep to themselves and forget about the drama and troubles around them – is that really too much to ask, Outlander? I know every show is always dealing with time constraints, but I really hate it when they lose sight of the quiet moments in between all the action. I was really happy to see that wasn’t the case for the Season 6 premiere.

We need to talk about that beautiful love scene. Heart melting. I just can’t with the chemistry between these two. Though it’s subtle, I can see where the scene is a little better, (didn’t even know that was possible!) and that’s because of the intimacy coordinator Sam Heughan brought in. I think this is a great addition for the actors to feel more comfortable, as well as making improvements to scenes like this that we all look forward to.

With these lovely moments, we’re probably going to see some struggles between Jamie and Claire. I know it’s just the first episode, but Claire isn’t telling Jamie about her PTSD and how she’s dealing with it. That’s bound to cause some divide between the couple.


Right off the bat, we get a sense of everything that is on Jamie’s plate. This poor guy cannot catch a break. He’s going to be juggling his worry for Claire after the events of Season 5, preparing for the oncoming American Revolution, being an Indian agent for the Crown, dealing with the thorn in his side Richard Brown and the Committee of Safety, and of course the arrival of the Christies.

The flashback really showed us what kind of guy Tom Christie is. I really liked that it established the relationship between Jamie and Tom, but we also got to see what lead to Jamie becoming the leader of the men in Ardsmuir Prison. He was withdrawn and grieving his loss of Claire, but still was forced into the role.

It echoes the decision Jamie has to make in the present, becoming an Indian agent for the Crown even though he doesn’t want to. We didn’t’ get as much Young Ian in this episode as I would have liked, but I’m sure we’re going to see him helping Jamie out. It’ll be interesting to see the role the Native Americans are going to play going forward.


Oh Claire. Even though I’m a show-only fan, I do know that her storyline with ether is a departure from the books. Honestly, I think this was such a great idea. I’m so sad to see her struggle. But she’s been through so much since the beginning of the series. Even though she’s great at compartmentalizing, I’m shocked we haven’t seen the effects all this mental trauma has had on her before this.

I’m surprised and not surprised that Claire is continuing to work on bringing future medicine to the past. You would think after the end of Season 5, she wouldn’t want to. But as she tells Brianna, you can’t be afraid of being who you are. Let’s see if that motivates Bree to put her engineering skills to use this season.

But this is just who Claire is. Even though she’s not completely fine (though she’d like her family to believe otherwise), she’s still going to continue doing what she sets her mind to. I do think a part of it is a distraction. Another is because she wanted to find a way to quiet her demons. I’m looking forward to seeing how this storyline plays out, and I know Caitriona will knock it out of the park!

Outlander Season 6 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

The Christies

We’re introduced to these infamous Christies I kept hearing about in interviews. The new big bads this season. Even though Jamie is clearly the better leader, Tom does still get people to listen and follow him. Is this foreshadowing the trouble he might cause on the ridge?

And Tom is already getting on my nerves. I mean come on, be more grateful that you’ve found a place to settle. He must have been so desperate to come to Jamie for help. I’m curious to see what lead him to Frasers Ridge. Jamie and Roger are finally in a good place, but will that change with Tom’s arrival? After all, Roger is also a Protestant.

Jamie is also forced to punish Allan Christie for stealing. Though it’s something he doesn’t like to do, Jamie was forced to do it. But instead of the rope, he uses his belt on Allan. You can tell how oppressed Allan feels by his dad. But really. Stealing? You just got here, Allan!

I can see why Tom and Allan will be trouble, but Malva? She seems really sweet. But based on all the interviews leading up to Outlander Season 6, this whole trio spells trouble. It’s the quiet ones you have to look out for I guess.

Roger and Brianna

Roger and Bree seem pretty settled overall so far. There wasn’t much foreshadowing in terms of troubles to come for the pair. They did focus on that mother Amy who came with Tom. I’m going to take a wild guess and say she’s going to play a bigger part down the line.

Fergus and Marsali

Oh these two. I was not expecting this storyline from the couple. The thing is, you can understand why Fergus is acting the way he is. But that doesn’t give him the right to treat Marsali this way. It’s difficult enough for her as it is, but adding in that she’s pregnant too? I can already tell dark times are ahead for Fergus and Marsali. Like Claire, he’s dealing with his demons in a negative way. When I asked for more Fergus scenes, this is definitely not what I meant!

Bonus shout-out

Josiah and Lizzie. I saw that little bit of flirting there, and I ship it. Here’s to more Josiah and Lizzie in Season 6!

Outlander airs Sundays on STARZ.

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