5 big questions after Outlander Season 6, Episode 2

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

A lot happened on Outlander Season 6, Episode 2. Here’s a look back at the big questions that future episodes should answer.

With an unusual funeral, the invention of matches, and the birth of a new baby, a lot happened on Fraser’s Ridge in Outlander Season 6, Episode 2. This was certainly an episode not to miss out on.

We now have questions. These questions focus on many of the characters at the Ridge right now. Here’s a look at the five biggest that will hopefully be answered in episodes soon.

5 biggest questions from Outlander Season 6, Episode 2

Why is Fergus so angry about Henri-Christian’s birth?

Henri-Christian is born at the end of the episode. It’s supposed to be a joyous moment, but there is a moment of grief for all. While Henri-Christian is healthy, he is a dwarf. For the time period, this is dangerous and scary.

Fergus will know more of this than anyone else. He will have seen first-hand how dwarves were treated in Paris. It means he fears for his son. All the while he’s struggling with his own shame and guilt. We’re going to see this play out in the next episode based on the promo and synopsis.

How will the people at the Ridge react to Henri-Christian?

While Marsali thinks her son is perfect, not everyone does. We have to remember that the people at the Ridge are still relatively closed-minded. Before moving to the colonies, they wouldn’t have stepped more than 10 miles from their homes in most cases. This brings a lot of superstition.

Henri-Christian isn’t going to be treated in the same loving way that Marsali, Claire, Bree, Jamie, Roger, and others will treat him. He’s going to face problems, and we get just a glimpse of them when it comes to the promo for the new episode.

Will Tom use the ether for his surgery?

Tom Christie wants the surgery after all. Claire pointed out earlier in the episode that he’s scared of the hand not getting better or maybe of the pain. However, she has something that will help: ether.

Claire wants Tom to be asleep for the surgery. It will mean the surgery will go much smoother, but will Tom be willing to go to sleep for the whole thing? This is a man who doesn’t really trust Jamie and he doesn’t have all that much trust for Claire just yet. Chances are he’s going to want to be awake.

Will Bree and Roger have another baby?

When Brianna announced that she had made matches, the initial thought was that she would share she’s pregnant. It turns out Bree and Roger are trying for a baby, but they’ve not let anyone know yet. It also sounds like it’s not going all that easily.

Will the two have another baby? We know what happens in the books. Are we really going to see another woman at the Ridge pregnant right now? There is another pregnancy storyline still to come this season, too.

What happened to Young Ian’s child?

Young Ian opened up to Marsali about his own child. He and his wife had one, but it’s clear that something happened. He didn’t go into details yet, but it’s clear that he is willing to open up to Marsali. He understands Fergus’s grief right now.

We can look at the book to understand what happened with Young Ian. Is that the reason he left the Mohawk, though? What is the full story?

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