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Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Tom wants Claire to do the surgery in Outlander Season 6, Episode 2. Here’s all you need to watch the all-new episode live.

It’s time to check in with how things are going with the new tenants. The Christies are the biggest concern right now, although they don’t seem it. Sure, Tom and Jamie have their tensions, but it looks like they are two men who simply want what they think is best for the people who are following them.

While Tom had originally turned down Claire’s offer to work on his hand, he realizes that he needs the surgery after all. Could this be a time Claire can ethically use her ether? It looks like she’ll want Malva to assist her, even though the Christie men aren’t too happy about that.

Jamie and Young Ian see the Cherokee in Outlander Season 6, Episode 2

Meanwhile, we’ll see Jamie and Young Ian head out to see the Cherokee. It makes sense for Jamie to take Young Ian along. While the Mohawk and the Cherokee speak different languages, there may be some similarities. Plus, Young Ian being adopted into the Mohawk will lead to some respect with the Cherokee.

Young Ian wants to make sure the Native Americans are looked after. It doesn’t matter about tribes. He just wants to ensure all their safety, so when they ask for guns, he wants to make sure they get them. Jamie isn’t too certain about it, though. What will Jamie decide to do in the end?

While all that happens, Marsali is going into labor at dinner. It’s a difficult and scary labor. Will Fergus step up to be there for his wife when she needs him the most?

Check out the promo and synopsis for Outlander Season 6, Episode 2:

"Jamie struggles with his first request as Indian Agent. Roger presides over an unusual funeral. Marsali gives birth. However, the joy is short lived when a discovery is made."

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Don’t miss a beat of Outlander today. Here are all the details you need to stream it live.

Date: Sunday, March 13
Start Time: 9/8c
Episode: Season 6, Episode 2, “Allegiance”
TV Channel: STARZ
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