Does Claire tell Frank about Black Jack Randall in Outlander?

Outlander Season 3 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks/STARZ
Outlander Season 3 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks/STARZ /

When Claire heads back to her own time, she tells Frank about the past. Does she tell him everything about Black Jack Randall in the world of Outlander?

Claire spent two years in the past before returning to Frank in Outlander. When she does get back to Frank, she tells him all about her time in the 18th century. The big question is whether she tells him absolutely everything.

Before heading to the 1740s, Frank believes that Black Jack Randall is both his direct descendent and somewhat a good man. It’s easy to see why he believes both. He views the nickname “Black Jack” as one to show the sort of power he’d achieved. That’s not why he gained the nickname at all.

Claire would have had to share something about Black Jack Randall, especially when it came to how he and Frank are related. Just how much did she share?

What does Claire tell Frank in Outlander?

Claire doesn’t tell Frank everything in the world of Outlander. At least, we don’t see her tell him everything. This doesn’t mean conversations don’t happen. There are a lot of cases where conversations have happened off-page or off-screen (depending on whether it’s book or show). We have to assume that some of the conversations have happened.

How much did Claire tell Frank, then? It doesn’t seem like she told him everything about Black Jack Randall. However, she may have told him enough to get him to stop researching Black Jack Randall. She probably made it clear that Alex Randall was his direct descendent instead of Black Jack.

Claire may have even told Frank just how much he resembled Black Jack Randall. This would have made sense when explaining how she initially found herself in the past. What she probably didn’t tell him was how evil and sadistic Black Jack Randall was. It’s not like Frank could do much with that information. It could have helped Frank gain some sympathy for Jamie, but was there any chance Frank would want to feel sympathy for the man he viewed had stolen his wife?

It’s clear Frank knows something. He eventually writes to Reverend Wakefield to say to stop researching into Black Jack Randall. He says it’s because Randall isn’t the man Frank thought he was, but this doesn’t mean he knows how sadistic the man is. It could just mean that he now knows Alex Randall is his direct ancestor instead.

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