Will Ezekiel Richardson’s plan work in Outlander Book 10?

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Ezekiel Richardson’s plan is in motion to change the course of history. Will it work in Outlander Book 10? Can Claire and Jamie keep history on track?

Caution: There are major spoilers about Richardson from Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone in this post.

There were a lot of questions answered in Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone, but there were a lot of questions left unanswered. We also got a lot of new questions for Outlander Book 10.

We’ve found out that Ezekiel Richardson and Mike Callahan are the one and the same. Richardson’s aim is to prevent the Americans winning the Revolutionary War. He wants to make it possible for the British to win.

Is this even possible? We’ve seen time and time again that it’s impossible to change the future, but is that just because the people trying to change big events just didn’t have enough influence or enough knowledge?

Can Jamie and Claire stop Richardson in Outlander Book 10?

The 10th book is sure to continue the story. Richardson’s plan has really only just got started. He wanted to stop Hal’s speech.

Hal Grey’s speech is something that leads to the authorities losing support for the British. This doesn’t guarantee history will change. It would lead to authorities staying with the British for now, but there are still other events that could happen to lead to support changing to the American’s side.

Richardson knows this, though, right? He must know that it was never one big event. There were a lot of events happening, and he needs to make changes everywhere.

He has the advantage of being able to do that. He likely researched everything before time traveling. He could find the biggest moments and work his way through them slowly, and he certainly has the influence to do that.

Claire and Jamie will need to find a way to remain one step ahead of him. They’ll want the Americans to win now that they’ve switched sides to be on the “right side of history.”

It’s still surprising that Brianna didn’t spend some time researching everything possible about the Revolutionary War when she was in the 1980s. Granted, it would have been hard as a single mom (Roger was in the past) and with people after her and her children. However, it doesn’t even look like she considered looking before time-traveling again.

Surely everything is going to work out for the Frasers. Can the books really end with heartbreak and all of history changing? I guess we’ll have to wait a few years to find out.

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What did you think of Richardson’s plan? Can Claire and Jamie stop him in Outlander Book 10? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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