Go Tell the Bees spoilers: Do Roger and Brianna have another baby?

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Roger and Brianna return to Fraser’s Ridge with their children in Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone. Do they have another baby while in the past?

Caution: There are spoilers from Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone in this post. If you haven’t read the whole book yet, you’ll want to avoid the rest of this post.

We already had an idea that Brianna and Roger had returned to the 18th century at the end of Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. It turned out the 18th century was a little safer than the 20th century thanks to Rob Cameron.

Just how would their story play out in Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone? Would they expand their family without the use of 20th-century birth control? Would they want a bigger family with everything they had to go through to keep Mandy alive and Jem safe?

Brianna and Roger grow their family in Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone

It turns out that they do have another baby. It’s some time while they’re in the past, and they name their new son David William Ian Fraser MacKenzie. He’s known as “Wee Davy” or “Davy” for short.

We know where William and Ian come from as names—and I love that Ian is used again but this time it’s for a different Ian in the family. The name David will be surprising to some. Where in the family tree does that name come from?

David was one of Brian’s middle names. Considering the way Brian helped Roger during Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, it’s not surprising that the two would want to honor Brian in some way. With Brianna already the feminine version of the name, it makes sense to use a middle name.

Can Davy travel through the stones?

There was another surprise to the story. It turns out that Davy may not be able to travel through the stones.

This has not yet been confirmed. That sort of confirmation could come in Outlander Book 10. However, Amanda says that she can sense everyone, and she senses Davy like Jamie. Davy has a connection through dreams but not with the ability to travel if Amanda’s words are anything to go by.

We can trust Amanda’s words. The young girl was the reason Brianna, Roger, Jem, and herself got to the 18th century together in the first place. She was mentally able to keep everyone connected when they were all pulled in opposite directions. That’s her special ability, and so it makes sense that she’ll be able to sense if her brother is a traveler or not.

And with this in mind, it will mean the family will never be able to travel to the 20th century again. Not that we’ll see that. We know that Brianna now has a heart condition due to traveling through the stones. She’d probably never make it through alive unless Claire is able to heal her.

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What did you think about Davy’s introduction in Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone? What does his potential inability to travel mean for the MacKenzies? Share your theories in the comments below.

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