Where to stream Belfast online

Belfast is currently out in theaters, but what if you don’t want to head out just yet? Can you stream Belfast online right now?

Outlander fans around the world want to see Caitriona Balfe in Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast. It’s a movie that hints at potential awards, and it could catapult her further into households.

The problem is not everyone wants to head to theaters right now. Whether it’s because of vaccine mandates or you just don’t feel safe yet, it doesn’t really matter. The point is you want to stay home, and you want to watch these movies in the comfort of your living rooms.

A lot of movies have headed to streaming platforms at the same time as theatrical releases. Is that the case for this movie?

Where to stream Belfast online right now

The bad news is Belfast has only been released in theaters as of right now. Focus Features doesn’t have its own streaming platform, and it’s opting for exclusive-to-theater releases.

You can’t stream Belfast online right now. At least, not legally, and we’re not going into illegal options. Those illegal options don’t support the creators and actors.

Eventually, the movie will head to a streaming platform. Which one is it going to be? Focus Features movies tend to head to HBO Now. We’ll also likely see it head to HBO Max, as there has been a push to get more people to sign up to that. All HBO content has been going to HBO Max. This is likely to happen in around six to eight months.

The movie will also eventually head to Digital to buy. You’ll be able to get this from all your favorite Digital retailers, including Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. This won’t be for around three months, though.

Belfast is currently only out in theaters.