When is Belfast coming to DVD and Blu-ray?

Belfast is now out in theaters. All Outlander fans are likely looking forward to seeing Caitriona Balfe in another movie, but when is it on DVD?

If there’s one movie we’ve been excited to see all year, it’s BelfastOutlander‘s Caitriona Balfe stars as “Ma” in this black-and-white movie that focuses on the beginning of the Troubles in the Northern Ireland capital.

The movie is based on director Kenneth Branagh’s childhood. This isn’t about the two sides, but about a family trying to figure things out in the middle of it all. It’s about a young boy just trying to enjoy his young life while the adults around him start to fight.

You can currently watch the movie in theaters, but what if you don’t want to head there just yet. When can you watch it at home on DVD and Blu-ray?

Belfast DVD release date predictions

The movie doesn’t have a DVD release date just yet. That’s not surprising since it was only released in theaters on Friday, Nov. 12.

It’s a Focus Features movie, so we’ll need to look at the likes of Downton Abbey and Mary Queen of Scots to get an idea as to when we can expect the movie on DVD. While unlike those two Belfast has been released during the pandemic, I don’t think that will affect too much. It’s a strong contender for the awards and has already received praise from the film festivals.

It took Mary Queen of Scots just two months to go from theaters to DVD. Downton Abbey took a bit longer, waiting three months for the DVD release date. I think we’ll see the latter for Belfast, meaning we’re looking at around Tuesday, Feb. 15 as a release date.

This isn’t set in stone, of course. It’s just a prediction, and we’ll keep an eye on the set date when it comes out.

Belfast starring Caitriona Balfe is in theaters now.