Outlander Book Club: The Fiery Cross Chapter 41 breakdown

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Outlander Season 5, The Fiery Cross
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Just the Outlander chapter

Roger is getting to the house. He wants to write down some lyrics but doesn’t have a notebook. He’s hoping that Ulysses will have something.

When he gets to the house, he sees that Ulysses has a hot poker while some of the other female slaves are making Jocasta’s rum punch. Roger can’t help but think about how he would never want to own slaves. That’s just wrong, and Brianna believes that, too.

Afterward, he meets an Irish musician, Seamus Hanlon. This musician has been hired to play at Jocasta and Duncan’s wedding, and he realizes that Roger is also a string instrument player. It’s all in the calluses on his fingers. Roger doesn’t say he plays the guitar considering it wouldn’t make much sense for the time.

A Naval officer walks into the house and Seamus points out that the man was one of Jocasta’s suitors. Seamus suggests that Roger should look out for Duncan.

At the end, Seamus invites Roger to sing with him at the wedding party. Roger may be able to team Seamus some new songs.