Outlander Season 6 is not coming to STARZ in July 2021

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Sorry, Sassenachs, it’s still bad news when it comes to Outlander Season 6 on STARZ. It’s not happening in July 2021.

Outlander Season 6 has finished filming, but that doesn’t mean we’re getting it right away. The list of STARZ releases in July is out, but our favorite time-traveling drama isn’t on the list.

We’ve checked the list of STARZ releases twice. Outlander Season 6 is definitely not on there. Likewise, Season 5 won’t come to Netflix U.S. during the month, either. However, you can watch all five seasons of the series on STARZ right now.

Outlander Season 6 premiere date

To be honest, the news the season isn’t on the list isn’t all that surprising. When news dropped of the filming of the season coming to an end, it also came with news on when to expect the season.

“Early 2022” was the official announcement, although Sam Heughan seems to have given a little more away. He says it’s coming in February.

We’re expecting around the same time as Outlander Season 5. That means we’re looking at around Valentine’s Day 2022. It probably won’t be on Valentine’s Day since that falls on a Monday, but Sunday, Feb. 13 would be a good day for the premiere.

The episodes will release weekly as normal. There will also likely be a week break at some point in the season, which is pretty normal for STARZ shows. However, we’re not expecting the season to be released in two halves since there will only be eight episodes to the season.

This is down from the 12 originally planned. Don’t worry; the missing episodes will be added to Season 7.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on news for the official Outlander Season 6 release date.

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Watch Outlander Seasons 1 to 5 on STARZ right now. Stay tuned for the Outlander Season 6 premiere date.