Why did Brianna struggle on her wedding night in the Outlander books?

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In the Outlander books, Brianna struggled with intimacy on her wedding night. Why was that? Was it Roger or something else?

Something the show didn’t include was Brianna’s difficulties with intimacy. In The Fiery Cross, she struggled to climax with Roger, but there were other intimacy issues in Drums of Autumn and within The Fiery Cross.

It took Brianna time, but eventually, she got that connection back with Roger? Why exactly did she struggle?

Claire and Roger both have their thoughts on the matter. Brianna has her own thoughts about it, although she tries to stay away from those thoughts as much as possible.

Brianna’s experience with intimacy is painful in the Outlander books

Claire explains it well to Roger in Drums of Autumn. Brianna’s experience with sex and intimacy isn’t exactly the best. While her and Roger’s first time was something she wanted, and overall a positive experience, it wasn’t exactly pain-free.

Then just days later, Brianna was raped. That in itself is a traumatic experience, something that would sit with Brianna forever. Sure, she moved forward from the rape, but those memories would still be there. The fear and the pain would still be on her mind.

On top of all that, she got pregnant after her first time. She didn’t know for a long time whether Jemmy’s father was Roger or Bonnet, and that would have led to some trauma, fear, and confusion. It would have made it harder for her to form a connection with Roger because at the back of her mind, she would have always wondered. And she would have been worried about pregnancy again.

We also can’t forget that fear that Roger wouldn’t come back to her. He didn’t return right away with Claire and Jamie, and there was the knowledge that Young Ian traded himself for Roger.

Everything would have compounded, leading to a lot of issues with intimacy. Despite loving Roger, there was a block between them in Brianna’s head and heart. That block would take time to break down. That didn’t stop her from wanting to be with him, but it made some things difficult.

Brianna’s fears and struggles around intimacy were actually very understandable. She did move forward from them eventually. She just needed to give herself time to heal.

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